Tips to make better pictures of your house

Tips to make better pictures of house

The pictures of your house are very important to attract a potential buyer or tenant.
Invest the necessary time and your property will be sold/leased in no time!

Tidy up your house.

This is the perfect moment to tidy up and clean your house, by then you have already done half the work when someone comes to visit your house.
A clean and tidy house automatically creates better pictures. It does not have to be a very impersonal house, everyone may see that people live there. Try to find the balance.

Focus on details.

Take a critical look around and tidy little stuff. Clear up the laundry and the garments. Put the toilet seat down, empty the trash bin and remove old magazines.
Not everyone loves pets. If you have them, make sure there will be not at the pictures, as well as cat boxes and dog baskets.

Provide light and atmosphere in your house.

Make the house as light as possible: open curtains and blinds. Choose a beautiful clear day to make the pictures. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the light quantity is ideal. Just remember that a picture quickly becomes overexposed when the sun is shining bright in the room.
Do you have a garden? Also opens the door to the garden. Put fresh flowers and make sure that your plants look fresh.

Space sells your house.

Make sure your house looks spacious. Replace the furniture and make sure you can see a lot of visible floor. Do not hesitate to even remove furniture.
Take landscape photos. This creates a more spacious image than if you make a portrait photo. A detail photo for example is suited for a portrait photo.

Take pictures of the strengths of your home.

Make the pictures not too “heavy”, but not too “light”; 1024 pixels wide and 900 pixels is sufficient is the minimum. A small size allows for a blurry picture and therefore it is for a potential buyer not attractive to view the other pictures. Take several photos and choose the best ones.

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