Malta’s Unique Property Features: Exploring Houses of Character

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Malta’s rich cultural heritage and diverse architectural history are beautifully encapsulated in its unique property landscape. Among the most iconic and captivating property types are the traditional Maltese Houses of Character, distinguished by their original features, charming aesthetics, and enduring appeal. Since 1995, Malta Property has been committed to helping clients find their perfect homes and investment opportunities, leveraging our deep local knowledge and expertise to identify truly exceptional Houses of Character that evoke the essence of Malta’s remarkable past.

In this blog article, we explore the distinct features, timeless charm, and allure of Malta’s Houses of Character, delving into the architectural highlights, historical significance, and cultural impact of these exceptional properties. Whether you are an ardent history enthusiast, architecture aficionado, or property investor seeking a unique and extraordinary residence, the world of Houses of Character offers endless opportunities for discovery, enchantment, and inspiration.

Our team at Malta Property is dedicated to providing you with personalised guidance, expert knowledge, and steadfast support to help you uncover the most exquisite Houses of Character that embody your dreams and aspirations. As we journey together through the fascinating world of Maltese architectural history, we are committed to helping you find and secure the perfect property that captures the spirit of Malta’s captivating heritage and timeless charm.

1. Traditional Architectural Design

One of the most captivating aspects of Maltese Houses of Character is their traditional architectural design, rooted in the island’s rich history and cultural legacy. From the limestone façades to the intricately carved wooden balconies (known as “gallarija”), Houses of Character showcase a harmonious blend of Maltese, North African, and European influences. The arched doorways, central courtyards, patterned floor tiles, and signature stone walls stand as testaments to the island’s glorious past, offering a unique living experience that is both luxurious and authentic.

2. Original Features: Craftsmanship and Elegance

Beyond the stunning architecture, Houses of Character impress with their array of original features, which reflect the outstanding craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics of bygone eras. These features include high ceilings with wooden beams, antique flagstone flooring, and traditional wrought iron railing designs, as well as ornate fireplaces and impressive stone staircases. The careful restoration and renovation of these elements breathe new life into the properties, preserving their original charm while offering modern comforts and conveniences.

3. The Allure of History: Uncovering the Past

Living in a House of Character is akin to dwelling in a vibrant piece of Maltese history, perfectly entwining the contemporary with the traditional. These properties often boast fascinating tales of their past, from the noble families they once housed to the historical events that they have witnessed. Owning and preserving such a property gives new owners the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the island’s fascinating cultural tapestry while contributing to the preservation of its architectural heritage.

4. Investment Potential: Renovating and Restoring Houses of Character

The allure of Houses of Character extends beyond their artistic beauty; these properties also offer exciting investment opportunities. While many Houses of Character have already undergone careful restoration, others may still require renovations, providing an excellent investment potential for discerning buyers. Expert craftsmen can skilfully blend modern amenities and updates while preserving the property’s historical integrity, resulting in a desirable and valuable asset.

Furthermore, the Maltese government actively encourages and supports the conservation of the country’s architectural heritage, offering financial incentives and tax benefits for the restoration of listed properties. Such initiatives help not only safeguard the island’s rich historical treasures but also ensure that the Houses of Character continue to captivate and enchant generations to come.


Stepping inside a Maltese House of Character is a journey through the island’s rich historical tapestry, immersing oneself in a world of architectural splendour and timeless elegance. These unique properties offer a rare opportunity to own a piece of Malta’s captivating heritage, providing an unrivalled living experience and the potential for an outstanding investment.

At Malta Property, we are dedicated to helping you uncover the most exceptional Houses of Character, leveraging our extensive expertise and passion for Malta’s cultural legacy to guide you through the enchanting world of these extraordinary properties in Malta. As your trusted partner, we strive to make your property journey seamless and rewarding, ensuring that every step you take towards owning a House of Character is marked by professionalism, dedication, and a shared love for Malta’s architectural treasures.

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