Guide to Finding the Best Schools Near Your New Home in Malta

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When deciding to move your family to Malta, one of your priorities will likely involve the educational opportunities available for your children. Malta offers a diverse range of educational institutions, each providing unique benefits to their students. 

As experts in the Maltese property market, we understand the importance of securing not only the right home but also ensuring it lies in proximity to top-quality educational facilities. This article aims to guide you through understanding Malta’s educational system and identifying the best schools for your needs.

Our extensive experience assists families in navigating through the options available, ensuring you make an informed decision about where your children can thrive educationally. We appreciate that each family’s requirements are different, and finding a school that aligns with your educational values and expectations is paramount. 

Understanding Malta’s Education System: A Quick Overview

Malta’s education system is renowned for its high standard and broad accessibility, providing comprehensive schooling options that cater to various educational needs. Governed by the Ministry of Education, the system in Malta is divided into state schools, church schools, and independent schools, all offering quality education free of charge to residents. 

Primary education starts at age five and continues until students are sixteen, following which they have options to pursue further education or vocational training. One of the benefits that we help families understand is the bilingual curriculum, with Maltese and English both being official languages of instruction, which facilitates a multilingual environment for children from a very early stage. This is particularly advantageous for expatriate families who are settling in Malta and ensuring their children gain a valuable skill alongside their education.

How to Identify the Top Schools Near Your Prospective Property

Choosing the right school often begins with its proximity to your new home. We assist you in identifying top schools by providing detailed local knowledge and resources that map out the education landscape relative to your potential neighbourhoods. Here’s how we simplify this for you:

  • Analysis of School Performance: We gather data on school performance metrics, including exam results and Ofsted ratings, to give you a clear picture of academic standards.
  • School Visits: We arrange visits to potential schools, allowing you and your family to get a sense of the school environment, meet with teachers, and see the facilities firsthand.
  • Community Feedback: Gaining insights from local community forums and parent groups provides real-world feedback on schools in your area of interest.
  • Travel Logistics: We help you consider the daily logistics of school runs, including public transport options and travel times, to ensure your routines are feasible.

Through these steps, we aim to make your transition to a new home in Malta as smooth as possible by aligning your family’s educational needs with the right locality.

What to Consider When Choosing a School in Malta

Choosing the right school in Malta involves more than just academic excellence. It’s about finding a place where your child will be nurtured, safe, and happy. We guide you through several key factors to consider during this crucial decision-making process. 

Firstly, consider the learning environment. Does the school foster a supportive and inclusive atmosphere? It’s essential that the ethos and values of the school resonate with your family’s principles. 

Additionally, staffing is another crucial component. The qualifications and experience of teachers can greatly impact your child’s educational outcomes. We also advise looking into the extracurricular activities offered. These programs are pivotal in providing a well-rounded education, helping children develop their interests beyond the classroom.

Steps to Enrol Your Child in a Maltese School

Enrolling your child in a Maltese school is a straightforward process once you have chosen the ideal institution. We help simplify this for you by outlining the necessary steps. Initially, you’ll need to gather and submit the required documentation, which typically includes your child’s birth certificate, immunisation records, and proof of residency. 

Following document submission, arranging a meeting with the school’s principal might be necessary to discuss your child’s specific needs and how the school can accommodate them. Finally, it’s beneficial to attend any orientation sessions provided by the school. This allows both you and your child to familiarise yourselves with the school environment, easing the transition.


Moving to Malta and integrating into a new community can be a challenge, particularly when it involves your children’s education. We understand the importance of this transition in your family’s life, which is why we are committed to aiding you through every step of the property buying process, including picking the right school. 

From understanding Malta’s education system to actually enrolling your child in the chosen school, our team ensures you have all the support and information you need to make well-informed decisions. 

Remember, it’s not just about finding a new home but creating a fulfilling life in a supportive community. If you are looking to find your ideal Malta apartment for rent, contact Malta Property to explore how we can help you settle into the perfect neighbourhood with the best schools!

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