Did you already know… ? (About St. Josephs day)

About St. Josephs day

Did you already know…

  • … that next Thursday is a public holiday in Malta and you do not have to work? (Of course you know!)
  • … that Maltese celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph then?
  • … that Joseph is near the foster father of Jesus, also the patron saint of the Catholic Church, unborn children, fathers, immigrants, workers, Vietnam and the Philippines?
  • … that in Columbia they celebrate this day on the Monday closest to 19 March.
  • … that in Spain and Switzerland, it is a regional holiday?
  • … that Joseph is only mentioned in the New Testament?
  • … that Joseph has been a direct descendent of David, the great king of Israel?
  • … that Joseph is not mentioned in any accounts of Jesus’ public life, his crucifixion, or resurrection; it is though that Joseph died before Jesus started preaching.
  • … that meals on his day are always associated with meatless dishes, because it always falls in Lent.
  • … that in Italy a tradition is to serve food that contains bread crumbs as these represent saw dust since St. Joseph was a carpenter.
  • … that the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates Saint Joseph on the Sunday after Christmas.
  • … that notably Italy, Portugal and Spain, Fathers’ Day is celebrated on St. Joseph’s Day.

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