Building up Restoration

Feature: Building up Restoration

Property and development stake-holders woke up fairly content yesterday morning, with Budget measures deemed encouraging although lacking verve. "There were a couple of steps in the right direction," said Trafford Busuttil, head of the real estate section of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and...

Exceptional new entertainment hub in the south

Feature: Exceptional new entertainment hub in the south

When it opens, it will be bringing together Malta’s colours, textures and stone on the Ricasoli shoreline. An exceptional location offering a unique lagoon landscape is slowly but surely crystallising on the Ricasoli shoreline. The creation of an enormous man-made lagoon will soon be completed, together with an entertainment area, ready to welcome everyone. Rowena West, senior associate of...

Upmarket flats boost the price of property

Feature: Upmarket flats boost the price of property

Advertised property prices continued to rise in the first three months of the year, according to the Central Bank of Malta. The index compiled by the bank showed that prices rose by more than five per cent when compared to the same period last year. It came on the back of another six per cent increase in the previous quarter. Apartments fuelled the increase with prices jumping up by almost nine...

Spinola car park approved

Feature: Spinola car park approved

The planning authority has approved the building of a 424-car car park, supermarket, offices, shops and residences in St Julian's. Board members Victor Axiak, Franco Montesin and Alex Vella voted against while the rest voted in favour. The Spinola Park project, based on a 3,880 square meter site, includes a car park of 424 cars, a supermarket, shops, a cafe, a fitness centre, offices and apartments...

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